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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Stop dreaming; watch Singapore Dreaming ...

If you are tired of Mediacorp productions and probably mediocre acting skills they are famous for, try out the movie Singapore Dreaming. Check it out here.

It opens on 7th September. I would be there.

Or visit Mr Brown's site to hear out the movie producers if you're the type who really wants to make sure your every dollar is well-spent.

The movie talks about Singaporeans' penchant for 5Cs. Actually, I thought we have surpassed that, we have become the 6th C - that of a COMPLAINING, CONSUMING COGWHEEL. We eat, we shop and we complain.

Do you have have a dream?

Is it your dream?

Or are you just dreaming you have a dream?

Or worse, you believe you are living in your dream?

Or worst of all, you begin to realise your dream is a nightmare?

Some PAP minister was telling the young to dream beyond the size of our tiny red dot, some days ago.

Good. But, he did not say "don't dream beyond the size of your brain's power" and start thinking you can achieve what LKY had .... you'll have to find another red dot to do so.


I am compelled to include an exchange I had with Cobaltpaladin ( macam shining knight in armour) here. His comments help to give more sense to my entry especially for those who think I had none to start with!

cobaltpaladin said...

How would we know what is the right size of the dream should be?
If the Wright brothers stopped dreaming, we may not have aeroplanes.
Don't stop dreaming and don't stop trying.

Whispers from the heart said...

CP,you've hit the nail with "don't stop trying".
It's easy to dream, harder to try. When we try, we'll know how big our dreams should be ...
Just dreaming is not good enough.
I bow to your wisdom...